New Wave

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The Resurgence New Wave jeans, the world’s strongest ever single-layer biking jean from Resurgence.

Constructed out of Resurgence’s Pekev Ultra single layer fabric, the cut of the New Wave jean is what one might term straight; they’re wide enough at the ankle to get them over a proper, Daytona-style boot, but they’re still flattering; a long way from what one might term a ‘dad’ jean.

They come supplied with level 1 D3O armour for the hips and knees. What makes the Resurgence New Wave a stand out jean is the official slide time, a whopping 11 seconds. That makes these jeans about two and a half times stronger than leather in terms of abrasion resistance.

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  • Single-layer motorcycle jean
  • Straight cut style
  • Easy to walk and ride in
  • Supplied with D3O for the hips and knees
  • Official ‘slide-time’ of 11 seconds
  • Zipper Flyer

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