Axe 2 Flame Woman


Through Europe, Sahara to South Africa. Jungle, desert sand, dirt, sun, and rain. Watching a bonfire under the stars.
Town cruising. Bar hopping with friends.
We wear AXE2 FLAME  motorcycle jacket everywhere.
It’s been only five years since we’ve created the original gamechanger summer motorcycle shirt combining ventilation, looks, and Kevlar in one design, but it feels like a lifetime.

Our shirts and sizes are larger than the EU sizes. Size S is between S and M and so on. For detailed sizing information check out our size chart included in an image gallery of every Crave shirt and jacket.


Hedonist Silver Lining


Hedonist is the perfect open face Hedon lid for those devoted to the ride in the pursuit of unrivalled pleasure. In our widest spectrum of personalities you will always find your perfect partner; paired with either our shield or bubble visor, available in a wide range of colours including smoke and mirror, there’s no reason to never be seen out together. Silver Lining knows that when one ride ends, there’s always a more pleasurable one just waiting.

A number of products state “on reorder”. This means that we do not have these products in stock ourselves, but we can still order from our supplier. Delivery of these products usually follows within 10 working days.

Hedon’s helmets are 1 size smaller than other helmets. So if you have a normal size medium then you must now choose large.

Heroine Classic Metallic Jag


Heroine Classic offers the riding freedom and vision of an open face Hedon lid whilst keeping your pretty face as safe as a full face. Designed in London and handmade with a classic British retro style, it can be customised with our Anti-Fog goggle visors and Sun Peaks for a vintage racing look. Metallic Jag, moves like Mick and as luxurious as the car.
• Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre
• Metallic green painted shell, gloss finish
• Hed Armor lining with 360″ cushion padding
• Merlin anti-bacterial fabric
• Natural calf leather trim and lining
• Anodised Steel Brass HEDON plate
• Anodised Steel Brass hardware
• Anodised Steel Brass DD buckle
• 3 channels ventilation system
• Weight: S/M:1080 grams    L/XL:1190 grams
• Ultra light and low profile shell
ECE 2205 (This means they are road legal for all of Europe and the UK)
DOT certified (This means they are road legal for the whole of the United States of America)
Please select either ECE2205 or DOT.

A number of products state “on reorder”. This means that we do not have these products in stock ourselves, but we can still order from our supplier. Delivery of these products usually follows within 10 working days.

New Wave


The Resurgence New Wave jeans, the world’s strongest ever single-layer biking jean from Resurgence.

Constructed out of Resurgence’s Pekev Ultra single layer fabric, the cut of the New Wave jean is what one might term straight; they’re wide enough at the ankle to get them over a proper, Daytona-style boot, but they’re still flattering; a long way from what one might term a ‘dad’ jean.

They come supplied with level 1 D3O armour for the hips and knees. What makes the Resurgence New Wave a stand out jean is the official slide time, a whopping 11 seconds. That makes these jeans about two and a half times stronger than leather in terms of abrasion resistance.

New Woman Montana

What do you do when you ride through Yellowstone and there is a bison along the road that is not happy seeing your motorcycle approaching (notice her shaking her head?)? Fellow fur-covered locomotives that accelerate to 40 mph fast when they want to enjoy their favorite grass nearby. The weather is pleasing.
Our WOMAN Montana Cotton Motorcycle Shirt will probably not be of any help here.
It is airy, there is certified aramid inside and pockets for protectors. You will look cool in it but bison might not appreciate. If you cannot go way around the wild animals, it might be your best chance to quietly watch them from a distance (say, 100 yards).
They will go. Eventually.



You can’t be lost if you don’t plan where to go. Or can you?

Just go, go, go! You’ll figure out where to on the way.

Life’s better on a motorcycle.

Sherpa Selvedge Denim Jacket


The Sherpa Jacket is designed with central front zip, hidden under poppered flap, there last two are rubberised to protect your tank, for that traditional Sherpa jacket look, and supports optional removable D3O armour at elbow and shoulders, and spine protector for outstanding rider safety. DuPont™ HT Teflon® fabric protector, for high water resistance and dirt repellence with combined breathability, make the Sherpa Jacket a versatile jacket suitable for inclement weather.

Externally are two zipped and two flap external pockets for documents or mobile phones, the interior is lined with a fleecy Shearling lining to the body with satin lining to the sleeves with two zippered pockets.

The Sherpa Jacket is finished with poppered straps at rear waist for adjustment, high quality construction of triple line stitching and YKK zips throughout with leather Resurgence Gear Patch detail.

Available in Raw Selvedge Denim.

A number of products state “on reorder”. This means that we do not have these products in stock ourselves, but we can still order from our supplier. Delivery of these products usually follows within 10 working days.



Well, we wanted cool riding jeans with a retro pixel skull on it.

So we found the strongest motorcycle denim available and made them for us (and for you, too).
Our new SKULL motorcycle trousers feature single layer UHMWPE raw denim.
UHMWPE fiber to rule them all, aerospace technology that has been transferred to civil use, bringing the world’s strongest denim. Armalith is the first and only composite abrasion-resistant material in a single layer of fabric. And it doesn’t look technical at all. It provides high-performance protection just in case (20m of a slide on the road without a hole under 13595-2 certification conditions).

The thrill of riding a motorcycle on the open road is addicting
and yet you can never truly escape the inherent danger that comes with it.
There will always be naysayers who insist that safety gear is unnecessary, but the simple truth is that if something goes wrong, your gear is all that stands between you and a gristly end.
If you’re looking to get into riding, this is the equipment you’re going to want to make sure you have.